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(Less is more) Owner

Ayaka Uchida /

uchida ayaka

After graduating from university, joined Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd. Five and a half years of financial affairs. Since I was adolescent, I have a skin quality that is prone to rough skin, and every day I try all kinds of skin care and go to beauty salons. Overcome your own rough skin while facing it firmly. I quit the office worker thinking "I want to be on the side of women who are similarly troubled!" And opened a skin trouble salon "less is more." At a share salon in Ikebukuro. Although it was a transition from the financial industry, the attitude of overcoming one's own flex, favorite beauty, and communicating the experience of one's good and bad without hiding it was well received by customers, and reservations were made up to two months ahead in just five months after opening. To a popular salon that you can't get. It was introduced as a "recommended self-polishing spot" in the women's magazine "CLASSY". And now, he moved to Ebisu.

In addition to beauty treatment salons, he is the representative of the jewelry brand "Lily grace". We are particular about quality so that even people with weak skin and metal allergies can enjoy it, and develop items with the concept of elegance and delicacy. Participate in pop-up exhibitions at department stores on an irregular basis. I want to help you to the point where your skin becomes beautiful (appearance beauty).

My complex was "skin".

I want to be on the side of women who are similarly troubled!

\ With that kind of heartOpened Les Ismore /

彩加,内田彩加,恵比寿エステ肌荒れ エステ - 毛穴 エステ - ニキビ エステ - 腸揉み エステ - 肌荒れ改善,肌荒れエステ

Qualifications ・ TRBC Beautiful Skin Rejuvenation Counselor ・ StFlair Intestinal Nutrition ®️ Certified Instructor, Certified Intestinal Planner

・ Japan Beauty Intestine Association Intestinal Planner Level 2

・ Body Academic Intestinal Therapy

・ Body Academic Head Therapy

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